I got an Obama for my 21st Birthday...


I've been MIA. Just haven't been able to find the time to blog... but...


So-- Obama became president on my 21st birthday. Luckily I didn't do what everyone suggested and go get trashed... would have missed out on history, and probably thought I was trippin lol. I didn't really do much else, so I'm glad at least I'll remember that for the rest of my life :)

Me and my family just ended up going to Edo (this hibachi place in Toco Hills). Wanted everyone to have fun, and they did :) I also didn't really ask for anything, except a new sofa for my apartment-- which I got. I also got my 120 palette (which is in the mail), stuff from Pier 1, and lots of VS stuff from mom.

Fun times. Here are a few pictures...

OH. And my hair is different nowadays :)

Kisses before dinner.

Daddy, my cousin Uzo, and I.

Uzo, moi, Kyle, and my brother Marco.

My mom cancelled her flight and took a standby flight just to be there :)


Yes, my new vase was exciting.

Marco, Uzo & I...

Stole all of these from Uzo's facebook smh. My camera was being wack.

I also, got this free thing from Sephora for being apart of their insider club.

Sephora's version of the Philosophy body washes? Probably won't use it... but it smells yummy :)

Hmm, what else happened? Ohhh. Halloween.

I didn't do anything, because I was so sleepy from work all week lol. Wack, I know-- but its straight... I just took the little one (Keaton) trick or treating...

Ummm, not sure what he was.

That only took a second, since we live in condos, and not many people were home. We walked over to the neighborhoods behind us, but Keaton got scared, so we went back home-- smh. Kyle bought him candy though, so it was ok.

And lastly... I meant to post this a while ago. But I took a picture of my everyday "work makeup" the other day before I left out the house. Just the basic. Maybelline Mineral Power foundation, bronzer and blush from Red Earth (in Sun Dance), which I love. Got it at Ulta while ago.

I look really sad lol. I mean I probably was-- nobody likes going to work at 5 am. And just cause... swatches of my two favorite blushes. These are pretty much the only two I wear, probably because they are the easiest to grab from the top of my blush drawer lol.

Yeah, thats it...

Oh wait! Kyle won his playoff game on Sunday! That means tomorrow is the Championship game. One picture from after the game.



Mrs. Denga said...

OMG! You cut your hair! What made you do it...cute. That vase is very nice by the way. Happy belated!!! Oh and yoy have facebook??? So do I. What's yours under?

L said...

yes indeed, what a great bday present you rec'd!!!

i was wonderin' where u were at... but i figured you had much celebratin' ta'do!

your hair looks great, a good do on you. and your new vase looks like candy, i wanna eat it.

your face looks flawless & congrats to Kyle!!!

Xo, ~L

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

soooo cute♥ loves the hair...oh the gray and blue? was it...it turned out nice with the shirt...

Anonymous said...

:] your mamma was there awww yay.
that is sooo nice; I know you was sad about that point that she might not be there. I envy her cheekbones <3

You look so gorgeous aswell glad you had a good day sweetie. & I that vase is cute; HAPPY YOU HAD A GOOD DAAAAAAAAAAAY x

yummy411 said...

aww u two are so cute!!