This Weekend-- Pic Heavy...

Kyle and I ran a lot of errands on Sunday... and we took pictures :) Random pictures, laced with a few cat-ladyesque images of my babies.

Oh firstly... thanks to Lady L, I remembered that I had the Ammo palette from Urban Decay. So I just did a neutral eye with a few of the colors. I used my Deluxe palettom from UD, as well

I used

SMOG all over the lid. (top, left)
MAUI WOWIE on the brow bone.
ZERO on the outer v.
SHAG on the inner corner, and on my lower lash line.

Before we left out. Mad ghosts in both of those pictures...
Isn't that was those spot are supposed to be.

Speaking of... what was weird... I was home alone today, and Keaton comes over, stops at the door, points down the hallway, and says "Who is that?"-- creepy. We have a lot of strange incidents here tho, with lights turning on at random, stuff like that... oh well lol.

Ikea pizza... tastes like Totinos... or cafeteria pizza... :)

Then we went to Home Depot... being a blogger, and taking pictures of mundane daily activities gets hard when people can yaknow... see you lol. Why are you taking pictures at Home Depot? Oh because Kyle poses.

Then we went to Starbucks... and Kyle (at 6'3 2/4, big as hell) drank a short caramel apple cider.
Gross hot white chocolate.

Yeah, so that was our exciting weekend. So um, if you didn't know, I'm a lightweight catlady. And my cats do cute things. People with cats might get it, if not, um... yeah. :)
Sleepy Luna.

Looks like a pikachu. He poses.

And the sickly Keaton, who was sniffling and sneezing all Friday night. Fun.



Francesca said...

Hah i think i'm slightly jealous about the fact that your boyfriend doesn't mind and joins in on the the " let's take a picture in a random situation!" documentation of your life.

Mine is like " UHg get that thing away from me" lol

P.s your cats are super cute

Mrs. Denga said...

lol...this is cute. As soon as I get my camera I am going to be doing the same thing. Although I know my hubby is not going for the random pic thing. I'll just catch him off guard :)

L said...

i like how u post about "home depot", it shows us that you're normal girl! ;) lmao@ "oh becuz kyle poses". LOL

and you did a great job with ya neutral look, im glad i got someone to use their palette again! i hate when i got mad shit and its just sittin there (O_o)

Janeen Mesmerize said...

I <3 your makeup... i wish i could put make up on.. all i can do is get others to do it for me :-(.. and as for your bf.. that's too cute.. :-)

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

yummmmyy ikea pizzas and hot dogs...im jealous...cute...natural look..smart find btw all those crazy colors in the freaking UD palettes..nice love. ♥

Tina Marie Online said...

I love this look. Very nice :)
What you said about Kyle's Starbucks picture was funny. heheh the cup fits so small in his hands.

Princess Katrina said...

Wow your beautiful!!!!