REVIEW: Nivea Body Natural Tone + NOTD.

Firstly, let me say...


Yes! Very exciting stuff. Election day, new Presidents and what not.

I'm not planning anything crazy... just dinner with my family as usual. I am kind of upset though, that my mother, who lives in Florida, came into town for my brother's birthday on the 22nd, but is flying out to CHI on my birthday, so is basically forcing me to celebrate my birthday on the 3rd...

That's so wack... I mean, I don't want to be childish, I do want her to be there... but that's not my birthday man... And on top of if it, these losers at work won't let me have the day off? Someone else can't open up ONE day? I mean I've been there 5 days a week, for almost 3 months straight, with no issues... and I can't have the luxury of NOT wake up at 3am on my birthday? Comeon, son...

It's cool though man. Everything will work out. It always does. :)

Anyway, moving on.

I forget where I read about this from, but something caused me to go pick it up when I was at Wal-Mart one day...

  • There is A LOT in this little jar.
  • It's only around 5 dollars.
  • Its a face and body cream-- which is different.
  • No distinct smell.
  • Really light lotion.
  • SPF 4? Huh?
  • The lotion is really watery feeling... not very thick/creamy.
  • Okay as a face lotion, but hands/body feel dry in about 30 minutes.
  • Whenever I close it, a little bit always sploojes out from the sides. No fail.
  • It's kind of awkward, the packaging. Too big for a purse, and not really easy to get to (like a pump bottle) for my after shower routine.
To sum it up... it's kind of wack. I mean, its okay... I keep it in my purse for when my hands get dry, but my purses tend to be on the larger side. It doesn't do much as far as moisturizing goes. And my boyfriend likes to use it on his face whenever he can't find his lotion... which makes it man-friendly? Of course, this is just my opinion. My skin is very dry, so I need a lot to help it out. So, if you're skin isn't too dry-- go for it. It's decent. And Nivea is usually good.


Lastly, I did my nails today. Got tired of my LC-esque dark red nails, and wanted to actually use some of the strange colors I acquired during my time at Sally's. We got China Glaze for around $2 dollars with our discount, vs. $6-7 regular price. So I have a LOT of it. I mean A LOT...
Like, literally-- I would buy a few colors everyday after work. Some of them, I'll probably never use-- like that yellow ("Solar Power") or the Tiffany's blue ("For Audrey")... but hey.

This is what I used today...
Haha, they look bad close up. Luckily, no one sees them like that... that color is called "Black Diamond"... it's a dark grey, which a little shimmer in it. Looks black, but its cooler than that :)



xppinkx said...


all you chicks in ATL are effin beautiful!!!!

jeez baby girl your still a baby!!! have fun on your birthday! BIG 21...

BOOOOOOOOOOO that your job does not give you that day off! i mean it's your 21st birthday!!!!funny i use that nivea tone as my night cream...it does the trick and it's super basic...works for me ...=( its wack for you...

but any ways have a happy and safe one!!!


L said...

uhm, thats ALOT of nailpolish. i need to step up my game, lol.

and yes indeedy, the big 21.... PICTURES aight?! oh, and i know you votin! ;)

ms. pink up there reminded me how good nivea lotion is. my mom has been usin it for years and buys em in bulk at Costco. i finally picked up two bottles, the normal one and then the skin firming one. i actually put that one on my face! (O_o)

Charmaine said...

Good review...I don't really do Nivea myself...some are just too thick