That's Ya Mans and them...

Titles of these are only vaguely related haha.

Anyway. Babies went to work, and I'm back-- so time for me to blog it up :)

Firsttttly. The lovely Lady L asked me a question about all the mixing going on in my fam. Figured I would address that :)

Welll. My momma is Nigerian. She was born there, came here when she was 13... and here she is. Only pic I have on hand of her is from when we were in the DR last year...
She thinks shes bad or somethin' lol. That's my momma aka :)

Now my daddy is Costa Rican, but grew up in Panama (&ohsoethnically displays that on his front license plate lol). And you can scroll back and catch a picture of him and my lovely gramma one post back, but here he is also...

Silly daddy.

And those two people-- who met at the U of SC of all places, made these two babies.
Me and my brother Marco. Wow, we were soooo brown. This was on the same DR trip.

And I have allll types of mixed up cousins... black/nigerian, white/nigerian, Filipino/nigerian... ok, welll... if you didnt know-- us Nigerians--we gets busy.

And lastly, on the future front of mixing it up-- my beautiful boyfriend is Puerto Rican & Black...
Silly picture, but that's my love. Making the future babies Puerto Rican/CostaRican/Nigerian/Black... Can't you just see our future daughter writing that on her MySpace page? Lol.

I was going to put up a few more pictures from the weekend. But (since I fell asleep half way through writing this) hubby is home, and we're about to go run to Starbucks (literally-- and its like 40 degrees out-- we're gangster) and try to get fit.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oohhh your mix is over sexy!!
I love it both your parents are beautiful if I may say so;
So are you and you bro. Your bf's one cuuuutie!!

P.S. I duno why Justin was sporting that scruffy look!!
27years old looking 37yo no
good lol.

vietxpinay. said...

girrl, your mom is bangin! HAAYYY ahaha. thats where daughter got her looks from! WORRRRK IT! =] hahaha!

Mrs. Denga said...

Thats your mom!!!!!!!! Wow...go girl!!!

L said...

GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRL, thank u so much for doin' this post. I'm sorry I'm late, but I finally got to pimp ya on my page.

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, ya Momz is hawt. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

Watch out now... if u have babies with ya man = trouble! LOL I don't want my lil Taiwanese/Dominican boy to grow up at all.... ima have to regulate on some betches ya'know?! LOL

BTW, you just REALLY put me on to Estelle. Since I'm in Japan right now, I'm like in time warp with music, gotta go get me that album.


L said...

BTW, may I suggest havin' ya comments window pop up when readers wanna tell you somethin? Go to ya settings, you should find it there. That way my ass won't forget what I'm tryin to say and refer back to ya post! XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

paperdollrevenge said...

So many pretty mixes! You and your boyfriend will have some beautiful babies, hehe.

lol "if you didnt know--us Nigerians--we gets busy..." well now I know!