TAGGED: 6 Unimportant things & Pics

I was tagged by Miss LaaLaa.

Here are now 6 really un-important things about me;
1. I loooove VH1. Especially Real Chance @ Love. :)

2. I drive a Jeep Liberty? lol

3. I really really hate loud TVs, and cannot listen to music and do other things with going nuts.

4. I have only ever had one female friend IRL (which is my bestie since 3rd grade).

5. I live with my boyfriend and my brother. Strange, but it works :)

6. Despite being all mixed up, I only speak one language, and thats English. Smh... lol.

I tag everyone reading this :)

And some more pictures from this weekend...

Eating bad food, shopping at IKEA, and laying in bed watching History Channel. Good times.

I wanted to match, but not be too matchy matchy, so I did a yellow and blue look-- which of course you can't see on here but its there!-- I just used the MUFE cream shadow, then put the golden pink Jesse's Girl shadow over it, then used the HiP blue liner.
You can kind of see my lid has a yellow tint, but barely... smh.
The Blue sparkley thing is UD Goddess.

Kyle says this is the best Philly in ATL. And he's been around lol.
Love this picture :)

Sunday, we did some house shopping and ran errands, then went to Kyle's Basketball game around 9. We found this thing at LnT. There is this awkward space in our bathroom hallway. And we didnt want to hang a picture, or put up a mirror there, but its so boring-- but then badow!-- we found this.

Kind of turned the hallway into giant hallmark card, but its a very cute thing to read everyday-- waking up together, going to sleep together, and reading squishy lovenotes on the way to the bathroom :)
Then we went to the game.
My brother, trying to be gangster.
Keaton, who we babysit-- immersed in my Ipod games.
Smokey eye with some palette.



Anonymous said...

Oh that's a new one living with your brother & boyfriend but it must be nice kind having the comfort of home and your boyfriend under one roof :)

lol haha; I can speak some Spanish due to my dad's mum side!! Other than that I can barely speak English.

-Thanks For Doing This!!

I really like that yellow..it's subtle and not over-bearing! & I just love that mustard coloured polo neck ahhhh gorge.

Very nice!!

I just adore your make-up it's not too much and not too little and just works!!

Anonymous said...
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Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

I really like the wall art...and your sweater is too cute♥ i didn't know that they had sandwiches at ihop...lol..im slow..

L said...

the wall art is on point.. i love that kinda shit. reminds me of an old flame who actually painted somethin' on his wall in his apt.

i swear, you and ya man are so cute together. and you are rockin' that yellow, i on the other hand, cant pull it off like that cuz im already "yellow". LOL rock some orange for me!!!! i think it would b a good color for ur caramel skin!

Brothers Blog said...

Happy Birthday. I voted just for you!!