Early Morning Tony...

Yeah, whattup?

Firstly... how lucky am I to have a precious love that loves to put fresh flowers around the house?

These were in the bathroom when I woke up, and theres some in the living room too :)

So I took a nap a little while ago, and I'm up waaaaay early for work (I usually am up at 3 am to be at work @ 5am-- I am the opener at a gym, just in case you were wondering), so I figured I would post up a few random pictures I took yesterday morning.

The issue I have with doing makeup for work is, since I do work at a gym, and most people come in there madddd bummy, so it's really not the spot to try to do all that MAC look type shit-- generally I try to just do a neutral brown eye, with liner and mascara... and blush and powder. It really is a lot of makeup for 5am, but I am the first person they see, and I do gotta try to look my best :)

This morning tho, I got really tired of brown, and tried to do a little purple... using the following:

What I tried to do was double line my top lid, with a thick line of the HiP liner, and a thin line of black, then line my bottom lid with the purple shadow...

Tried to wing it out a little bit. But those HiP colored liners are kind of wack. At least the purple one is. So it ended up looking somewhat the same lol. Oh well. Here's more pics of moi in my lovely work clothes :)

Womp. Oh well. Time to get to the gym rats again...


L said...

you said "womp" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

girl, you are so gorgeous... i love your eyes!

i'm still waitin' for more about you and look forward to linkin' more on this blogger'bizness, whether it be makeup or any other misc. things.

xo! ~L

Anonymous said...

Love it. Simple but vibrant xoxo