REVIEW: Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

Yes, so after seeing a lot of people talk about Rimmel GlamEyes Mascara... I figured I would try it out. I was trying to find something to replace the L'Oreal Carbon Black Mascara I used to love, that would make my lashes look fake like that used to.

  • Nice sized PLASTIC brush (which I like over the bristle brush)
  • Brush lifts, separates, lengthens, and coats lashes well (!!!)
  • Good amount of the product on the brush (not too much)
  • Cute tube (unlike that awful Colossal Mascara)-- but the Juicy Couture-ish tube is kind of... eh.
  • The brush is really great, but not attached very well to the wand. Sometimes when I pull it out, it looks like its about to break off inside of the tube
  • And because of the same reason as above, my brush is slightly, but permanently bent.

Overall, I LOVE this mascara. A lot of people ask if I have lashes on when I wear this mascara, but they never look gross or clumpy like some mascaras.

Here are some pictures of me wearing the mascara. Sorry there are no before pics.

This one was taken after wearing it for a few hours. The first pic with flash was right after I put it on.

It's great! Go get some :)


L said...

butchoo already got nice lashes ma! i want to try this stuff but im scared its gun weigh my lil puny asian lashes down! eh. ima pick it up when i get a chance to go to another base.