Orange FOTD, and Saigon Cafe w/ Fam :)

Whattup darlings.

So, I really have been meaning to do this blog thing... with school and everything, and with the schedule I have at work, time is hard to come by-- but I have some now, so let me try to get a few posts in :)

A week or so ago, me, hubby, and some of my family went out to eat @ the yummy Saigon Cafe up in Norcross. (Still not sure if this is a GA-specific chain, or what?? But it's pretty great :))

Just a few pictures from that.

Me& the Mister. I did a bronzey orange look (productsbelow).

Daddy&Grams (bad pic, my gramma looks angry!)

Huuuge plate of crunchy noodles in gravy...

Daddy & his bubble tea. Which I also tried for the first time... (I know, 40 years late lol)... and it was gooood. :) My dad is a jetsetter and what not, runs around the world eating 1000 year old egg, and any other thing they put in front of him, so he talked me into trying it, and I'm glad he did. Don't know why I was afraid of some tapioca balls lol.


Yeah, so family time was fun. :) Now, a wack picture of my look--which looks really really un-pigmented whenever I take pictures, but it was vibrant as hell smh. I guess I still have to master the whole taking pictures of looks things--- but anywaaay.

I think I'm going to go back to using UDPP. Things would show up realllly well back then, but I stopped using it because it made my lids so greasy... anyone know any alternatives? Besides TooFaced (because that shit it gross), MAC Paint Pots, or L'Oreals?

And this is all I used.

A lot of that stuff is from when I used to work at Sally's. Thats what happens when you look at the same stuff everyday... you start rationalizing buying it. I mean Palladio and Savvy aren't bad brands. They just have that... I dunno, cheapy ghetto flair to them-- but they're no better/worse than drugstore brands. Actually Palladio is really above decent.

But, thats it :)


Mrs. Denga said...

Cute...always good hanging w/ family. Your skin looks flawless!

L said...

girl, im thinkin about getn some shiseido pots. the japanese brand, KATE, i think... is comin out with some paint pots that i think ima try too since i love me some KATE.

u gotta tell me more about ya fam... im seein' a lot of culture?! just like my fam... i'm straight taiwanese but grew up in a mixed fam. and here i go mixin' it up more by getn married to a dominican and havin a kid! haaaaaaaa.

boydweiser said...

yeah, i was scared of the bubble drinks until recently too. i was like "what the heck are these lil ball things at the bottom of my drink?" really like your blog. so what school are you attending? i graduated from fort valley state some years back.