LAST WEEKEND... goodtimes.

Whattup world.

So last weekend was cool. Lightweight perfect. Got to do everything I wanted (which is so rare), and had fun! doing it. :)

I shopped... I didn't even know there was a Forever21 by me... all the ones in GA are out in the cut-- but I found one! Its the XXI @ Perimeter, which is even better than the OG F21 I used to go to, because they carry men's stuff too, so hubby wasn't bored to death.

I was really trying to get more jeans, and more random color for winter, and I think I accomplished that. And also got a cute Obey jacket from Metropark that was on sale from $119, to $60, which was gangster... def. couldn't pass that up. I was also kind of scared to go for that fake leather bomber, but it looked okay once I tried it on-- don't know how much I'll end up wearing it, but hey.

2 sweaters, 2 pairs of skinny jeans.

Obey "bomber", and faux bomber from F21.

And me and the bff went out Friday night. Got to wear that henley dress I wanted from American Apparel forever and finally got. It was straight, but the wack part it is stretched out as the night went on... no bueno. And it was mad long, too... that could be because I'm miniature, but it definitely wasn't the "knock-em dead sexy" dress people were ODing over in the reviews on the AA website.

Me and Courtney (who, so its known, I met in 3rd grade) went out for dinner. Initially we wanted to go to Intermezzo (because of there HUGE menu of yummy non-alcoholic cocktails-- since we do not drink) and there raved about dessert... but we were SO hungry, and once we got there-- the menu looked waaaacck. So we walked down the block to Bluefin, this new sushi bar. IT WAS SO GOOD :) And yes, edamame, sushi, and pizza may seem kind of hood-- but we were hungry as hell

Wow, this picture looks weird, but that's the eye that I did. Mostly using the hot pink Napolean Perdis color disc in #92. Wow, my brows look deranged... lol.

And, I stole some of these from C's facebook :)

Haha, yeah. That was a weird ass meal.

Yep, that was that. Excellent spending time with my love :) And then Sunday was just a loveydovey day with the hubby and the babies.

He is the cutest goober in the world.

TheEND. Peace.


See My Hair Grow said...

Your pictures are really nice. I'm loving that eye makeup!