XMAS Holiday + FLAyy Vacation...


So, I think the last time I wrote in here we were planning the vacation--- but we're back. Christmas happened, we went to Florida... yaknowyaknow, fun family time.

And naturally, I'm not too big on words, but of course there are a million pictures :)

First, XMAS.
And now that I looked at the pictures... everyone looked grumpy, though they weren't... so um, to summarize. I got everything I asked for from Kyle, which was this...

Mac 109 Brush, Sketch E/S, and Mineralized Skinfinish Foundation in NC42.

Plus a few giftcards and what not. To me though this XMas was more about trying to get everyone what they wanted... especially my Kylie.

I think he was happy :) Which made me happy. And I finally sent his PS3 in to get fixed too! Sucks tho, that he got all of this PS3 stuff but won't have his actually system until mid January... smh. But yeah-- XMAS was cool.

Anyway, the next day, we drove down to Miami and spent a few days there.

Before we went out... look at that great foundation applied with the 109 Brush.

Mango's on South Beach... corny corny corny.



Wack food. TGIFs or Chili's has more flavor.

Kyle & I in Lummus Park after dinner.

The homies.



Next day we went to IHOP, then to the beach.

Can't remember the name of the beach, but about half way down the shore, it becomes one of the only (?) public nude beaches in Miami Beach... yuck.

With a Capital C.

Yum, dead jelly fish all over the beach.
This is a Portuguese Man-of-War.

Big head.

Coconut Killer.

Then we drove to Cape Coral, where my mom stays.

Sunrise in the Kitchen.

Tarpon Pointe Marina, from the 9th floor.

Kylie @ Breakfast.
She cooked so much while we were there. Huge breakfast buffets
every morning. Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Curry Chicken and all that for dinner.


Moms will smack me for putting his up.

I look tired, but another shot of the foundation.

Swim time.

View of the buildings that make up my moms little village thing from the pool.


We bring the cheese.

Club House pool champ?

Walking from the pool.


Then we went home.
Somewhere on 75 N.

Wow, that was so many pictures... lol.


DIVAme*E said...

on the beach during winter, lucky! lol, but it looks like you guys had fun and your mom's place looks really nice!

Rai said...

Lucky you! I sooo want to go to Miami.
Looks like you guys had a nice time though.

croissantpark said...

Cool photos of you and Miami. Did you try to swim with the dolphins in Miami. I heard that is a blast, maybe next time.
God bless,

Brothers Blog said...

great pics. looks like you had a great holiday. Wish I was on a beach instead of this cold in the chi. lol. Happy New Year!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

aawww i miss your moms place!! sooo nice..awesome pics ms photographer! lol..looks like you guys had a fuckin blast...can u sense my jealously..lol and fucking guitar hero?!! what?! okay i think you deserve nicest girlfriend of the year award! lol..call me im back at school! ♥ you

Sexxy Luv said...

love the picture post! i'm more of a picture type of person. lol

you two are the cutest people on earth. lovely family.

love the MAC products, i'm thinking about switching to MAC (from Lancome)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nice pics and i love the beach - but that jelly fish - nuff said


LadyJane said...

You are GORGEOUS girl! I like the purple top on you. Just wondering, do you know if dead jellyfish still sting? It's a cool shot. Sigh, I miss the sunshine and warm weather.

Bombchell said...

oh lucky u, while i froze in atl. lol

lovely pictures.

Princess Katrina said...

I hope you had fun in South Florida! I live here and I love hearing other peoples opinions of it when they come to visit! Im glad you enjoyed it!

I love your new MAC purchases! Im so jelous! :)

Mrs. Denga said...

Very beautiful pics. Looks very fun!