HG Mascara, Getting Ready for Work & NOTD.


So I was getting ready for work... and my camera was right there... so I decided, "Hey let me take some pictures of my favorite mascara and how amazing it works..."... so I did, and here they are.

Of course I'm talking about L'Oreal Carbon Black Mascara.

Its really amazing... seriously. Like anyone I know who has used it, no matter what the lash situation my be before hand, always ends up with crazy fake looking lashes. And this mascara is super black, which is excellent. Here are some pictures right after I put it on. Again no pictures of my lashes before... I should really work on that lol.

Whole face.

Yeah, so buy it... seriously.

And I couldnt sleep, so I did my nails. Love this color.



jenn said...

I'm going to look out for this mascara :)

yummy411 said...

this is currently my HG mascara (and has been for a long time) but do you find it to be heavy??