Fatburgers @ home, Purple FOTD, and fake Italian food :)


So, you might notice some posts popping up before this one before the weekend ends...

What happened was... I got really lazy after my last attempt at posting was stopped by my camera (who deciding to re-format as I was uploading). That, also coupled with my power cord in my laptop no longer working consistently... I just didn't really feel the whole blogging thing.

But now that I'm back, I just decided to post all of the things that I had started that were sitting in my saved post thing. So scroll back if you like, and check some of those out.

But anyway. This weekend isn't over yet, but its been good so far.

Last night (Friday) we babysat, and decided to make some burgers at home. We kind of went crazy though and attempted a Fatburger-esque burger... so, sirloin burgers, lettuce, tomato, fried mozzerella, fried egg, ketchup, mustard, and mayo (and Kyle had pickle)...

Kyle had two, naturally.


And no, we didn't die of heart attacks, just got a strong case of the itis and had to knock out lol. And if youve never had egg on a burger... try it... seriously... or just go to Fatburger :)

That was Friday.
Today we went and ate dinner with my family at Osteria del Figo on Howell Mill. Yummy faux Italian.

Daddy & Kyle... small tables smh.
Mista de Campo Insalate.
Kyle's Pappardelle with Italian Sausage w/ Bell Peppers.
My Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli w/ Ragu’ alla Bolognese.???

Yum, and here is the purple look I did.

I used my 120 palette. Which I would have posted about, but um, the whole camera catastrophe... I got my for 18 dollars on this eBay store (thats after the coversion from Australian Dollars)... 3 were broken, but I pressed them with alcohol and every was straight. They're tiny tho, dime sized which I didn't count on, but ohwell... really great otherwise.

I also used the Eva Longoria palette from L'Oreal. And Revlon Lip gloss.

Eva Palette

Revlon Mix n' Mingle in "Caramelt".

Yep, well... seeya.


Mrs. Denga said...

OMG girl!!! those burgers!!! Ooowee and he had 2???!!! How does he eat like that and stay so small??? I love your purple look. It's really pretty!

Yves said...

Damn, that food got me hungry.

Eb the Celeb said...

that eye make up is fab!

Kelis. said...

Great food.
Great makup
&&great blog.

ANGE said...

OMG ... you have such gorgeous eyes! im so jealous! lol