Weekend so far + Review.


So this Friday was fun. This will be slightly extremely picture intensive.

Courtney came from from school!
My look... I used browns from this Sonia Kashuk palette from Target, UD Zero in the outer V, and lined with the teal colored creamliner from HiP. For some reason I hated my makeup that day-- right after I did it, I wanted to take it all off, but I didn't. Maybe because it was raining... Closeups and Products.
We had planned to go to the CCO, but when I called up there and asked if they had anything new from the last time I was there, the girl said they hadn't really been getting very much in... she didn't really sound like she knew what she was talking about... but oh well. We decided just to go to Ulta, because Courtney still wanted to get me a birthday present :) So, she got me this:

Yep. This thing was only $19.99 ($24 originally, but there is 20% of coupon you can print out online, or sign up for their beauty card at the store and youll get the discount). It comes in black, cream and pink. I chose black. Click here to buy online. Its 65 things, all Ulta Brand.

Eyes: The eyeshadows are straight. They go on pretty lightly, and probably need to be packed on-- but the colors are really pretty. And whats good also, is that they are all Ulta colors, so you can buy them individually from Ulta. I guess this is why they claim this is $195 Value-- they must be counting each eyeshadow as $6.50 (the price of an individual at Ulta). I looovee the two palettes in there. The colors go so well together and will make very nice looks.

Face: The Blushes are not very well pigmented (which you can tell in the swatch pictures), but they will do their job- just don't expect NARS or anything. There is a concealer, a green color corrector, and a million glosses that pretty much all look the same color (slight variations, but not enough to swatch-- still pretty though).

Lips: The lipsticks are soo great. Really creamy, and last a long time. Unfortunately, the colors don't really suit me, but it definitely makes me want to go try some other Ulta lipsticks. The little palette of glosses is also really pretty. The two gloss tubes in there are a little too shimmery for me, but still nice.

The packaging is kind of weird. You literally have to pull the tray out to use the blushes, since half of it is covered by the eyeshadow tray. And the actually trays are really thin cheap plastic, that could possibly break with little force-- but its pretty much what you can expect for 20 bucks.

Overall, this thing is pretty cool. I mean, this is a really cost effective way to get most of the Ulta shadows for 20 bucks. I doubt you'll use any of this up quickly.

Here are the swatches. I used UDPP under all of the shadows.

Eyeshadows Row 1-4:
Blush & Lipstick:

Courtney also got me this single shadow from NYX in "Hot Orange". Didn't have any colors like it. It reaally stays put. And the big chunks of glitter don't really stick around, which is fine with me :)
After that, Kyle and I went to Friday's. I finally had my birthday drink. Showing ID wasn't that exciting lol. But we had fun.
Cos we can't pick one appetizer...

My first drink-- a long island-- classsy lol.

First time tasting beer... shit is gross.

Kyle likes this picture? :)

My chipotle grilled Steak Sandwich with slices of plantain.

Kyle's sizzling chicken and cheese and mashed potatoes.

Post meal :) Note: My drink is gonnne...

Sleeepy :)

Yeah, goodtimes.
Saturday, we were supposed to go to the Terra Cotta Soldiers Exhibit at the High Museum with my dad... but, it got late, so we just ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. BBQ Quesadilla was good :)

Kyle & Daddy... he fits very well into our mixedup family.


Thats finally it. No more... that was a lot of mess.


Yarayuki said...

you & your guy are cute together :)
oh, and happy (really) belated birthday!

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

awww u and your bff are pretty , i like the first pic ... it kinda got me missin my bff more though :( .and you and your bff are adorable ..:)

Francesca said...

hah you and bf couples photos remind me of mine with my bf.

Can't seem to take a normal shot lmao... why is that? :p

Brothers Blog said...

First time tasting beer. LOL. Women never like beer. There are very few that I come across that enjoy a good beer.

~Juanita~ said...

Yeah, beer tastes horrible. Looks like you guys had fun.

P.S. Luv the pics of your kitty's on the side. They're so cute.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang that food looks good and that make up kit looks like my tackle box

any who hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back

Princess Katrina said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You look beautiful in your pictures! You and your guy are so cute!

That make up kit is awesome! All the pretty colors!!

I totally agree with you on the ID checking not being all that exciting. hahaha In fact its super annoying! lol. Tha food looks real good tho! Made me hungry! AND YES BEER IS NASTY!!!!

Kiwi said...

Wow looking at your blog you make me really want to get into makeup now.

Yours is great...although u are great natural too. :)

Your blog is nice