Fill Space...random FOTDs.

Here is just a lot of pictures of random makeup I did awhile ago... over the summer and whatnot.

I was going to do a real post, but my camera decided to delete the 127 pictures on my camera-- kind of a buzz kill... but anyway, here it is...

UD "Graffiti" and NARS "Night Porter", mostly.
Coral lipstick from Revlon.

The only usable picture of my attempt at a "vintage" look. I should try this again sometime... correctly.
Red Lipstick from Palladio? It was awful.

Same night I did the vintage look, after I called Kyle and he said "No Red Lipstick"... lol.
Got rid of the winged liner and red lipstick.

Huge forehead... lol.
I used the "Olive It Up" palette from Revlon.

Using the HiP "Shocking Shadow Pigment" in Beckoning and IMAN Shadow in Enigma.

Using HiP Shocking Shadow Pigment in "Striving", Smashbox shadow in "Lagoon", and Jeese's Girl eyedust in "Summit Turquoise", which is a really cool white shadow that comes up turquoise. Swatched below:

Purple and Gold using Cover Girl (the center color in the "Golden Sunset" palette), Maybelline shadow in "Amethyst", and Femme Couture Mineral Effects shadow in "Rose Quartz".
And probably a black shadow too, on the outer V.

Sonia Kashuk® Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette

Before and interview: Sonia Kashuk palette again, used with the CG "Golden Sunset" palette.
Pardon the goofy pictures.

Hated this: UD "Peace" and a dark blue from the HiP Mischief duo.

Loved this :)... CG "Golden Sunset", UD "Ransom" and "Fishnet"... I'm pretty sure that's it, but this was in June almost.

Again with Goofy faces.
Did this look:

Except I used HiP Turquoise creme liner. Which has dried up so much... depressing.
Has anyone else had that issue?

And that's all of the old stuff I could find. :)


Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

cute looks mama! i love love love the golden sunset one with the fishnet..thats a bad ass look..yea lemme cop that from you..haha love it..

Mrs. Denga said...

I really like the green in the first pic...my favorite color ;) And I thought you actually looked cute in the red lipstick...